Alley Cleanup

Our Pendleton Heights Alleys

The best part of alley beautification is the difference it makes in the community!  Since the Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association began focusing on improving our 17 alleyways we’ve seen some great change. The Beautification Team has worked hard to apply for grants geared towards improving the safety of PH alleys.  These grants included a PIAC grant received for street lights in 2017, and a Missouri Department of Conservation Grant in 2018.  The MDC grant allows the PH Neighborhood Association to purchase native plants to replace invasive species and make alleyways more visible and attractive to both residents and wildlife.

While the Beautification Team does not currently have a team of workers for cleanups, we do have the ability to facilitate alley improvements.  Holly Oden, Beautification Team Chairperson, works with neighbors living on alleys to supply the tools, bags, and media promotion needed to have a successful cleanup. 

For more information or help organizing an alley work day, email

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  • There are no formal alley clean ups planned at this time. Check back later.
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