Dog Danger: Things To Know

  • If there is NO immediate danger to you, your pet, or another person please talk with the pet owner to see if a resolution can be found.  Chain of Hope 816-221-8080 is a great resource for pet owners who are receptive and in need of assistance with providing a proper setup for a dog.
  • If you or your pet are attacked or feel threatened by a dog, it is considered an emergency in which an Animal Control (AC) officer will need to be dispatched.  Once you are safe, immediately call Animal Control at 816-513-1313 (AKA 311) (Do NOT leave a message.  Do NOT hang up!).  Stay on the line until you are able to get through to Animal Control.  Let them know what happened and that you are in fear of the dog.  This will require an officer to come out and do an immediate investigation. 
  • For further actions to be taken, a signed complaint form must be filled out and turned in to Animal Control Headquarters located at 2542 Prospect Ave. Kansas City, Missouri.   No fines, penalties, etc. will be placed against the owner without an official signed complaint and a court hearing. 
  • If a dog bites a person or animal, AC will complete an investigation, check the dog's vaccinations, and the dog will be quarantined for 10 days. 
  • Currently, there are only 2 AC officers on duty at a time, so priority is given to emergency calls only.  An emergency would be a bite or someone who calls in "in fear" of the dog. 
  • If the danger takes place outside of business hours, contact the non-emergency police line. 
  • It is not recommended to submit incidents to AC online or via email as they may take several days to be processed.   
  • KC Pet Project will be taking over KC Animal Control services at a future date.  However, there is still no said date at which this change will occur.  KCPP will shelter lost or stray dogs, but they will not come out to pick them up. 

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