Beautification Team

Holly Oden
Beautification Team Co-Chairperson

Jon Cokley
Beautification Team Co-Chairperson



  • “To create a safe and clean environment through placemaking, trash pickup, and community engagement”


  • To develop opportunity for residents, schools, and organizations to come together with a united goal of beautifying their community
  • To provide resources to improve the visibility and sanitation of PH alleys, streets, and parks
  • To organize social events and cleanups throughout PH
  • To facilitate events and engage residents in actively utilizing pathways and empty spaces throughout the neighborhood
  • To build relationships with community groups and organizations throughout Pendleton Heights and the Historic Northeast in order to create engagement and build pride and a sense of ownership in our community


  • Hold two large scale alley cleanups per year
  • Canvas to gather residents’ interests, skills, and contact information
  • Match residents’ placemaking interests (such as murals, sculptures, dog stations, bike trails) with skilled residents and community youth programs
  • Develop a plan for bike and walking trails throughout the neighborhood

How can residents participate in this Team?

  • Help with door-to-door canvasing and flyer handouts
  • Become an alley captain
  • Utilize the parks and alleys throughout and surrounding PH
  • Attend and volunteer at events
  • Sign-up to help with plant, trash, or brush maintenance
  • Donate skills for placemaking opportunities

For more information, or to help volunteer on this team, email and

Pendleton Heights Kansas City 
Neighborhood Association
Phone: (816) 875-0162
Email: board@phkc.orgAddress: 2119 Lexington Ave Kansas City, MO 64124
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