Safety Team

Chris Binkley
Safety Team Chairperson



  • “to maintain a safe community without crime”


  • to educate residents on best practices to keep themselves safe, and their property safe
  • to empower residents to participate in building a safer community by actively working with the city and police to identify problems and create solutions
  • to maintain close, ongoing, open relationships with police and city to access resources to solve crimes and deter crime


  • Facilitate at least 2 events per year about how to create a safer PH with police leadership present
  • Create a page on the website that provides resources related to “what to do when”
  • Create a “block captain” system and recruit residents to participate
  • Facilitate a community discussion about ‘community policing’ and evaluate if PH supports pursue implementation

How can residents participate in this Team?

  • Participate as a block captain
  • Responsibility utilize the FB block watch page
  • Read and participate in the community policing discussion
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