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About Pendleton Heights

Pendleton Heights is a downtown neighborhood that boasts Kansas City’s first Boulevard, three city parks, one of only two nationally-listed urban scenic byways, and the largest collection of true Victorian homes in the city. In 2013, This Old House chose Pendleton Heights as one of their Best Old House Neighborhoods in the U.S. But we’re not just houses and parks.

A steady stream of artists, urban professionals, and young families call Pendleton Heights home. Ask them, and most will say they chose the neighborhood for the houses or affordability, but stay for the people. That’s because our people value one another and believe everyone has something to contribute. A strong sense of community is our core value.

Pendleton Heights is also home to some of the most welcoming, resourceful, and connected people in the city. This neighborhood has a long history of attracting immigrants (Irish, Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Somali and now Bhutanese and Burmese, just to name a few) and that gives PH its unique flavor.

Real neighbors, 
with real love for their block.

Phyllis H.

"Pendleton Heights is a truly special community. With neighbors from around the world and the dining options to match, we're working to build a tight knit community that merges the best of KC's historic past with our promising future."

Chris B.

"Love for Pendleton Heights is contagious. I rented in the area years ago and decided to build a new home in the area because the people in PH are so welcoming, resourceful and connected. I highly recommend people come and discover what PH has to offer."

The Lee Family

"We love PH because of the sense of community and the make-it-better/can-do-attitude of our neighbors. We love PH because of it's close proximity to downtown along with the racial and ethnic diversity. We have a wonderful park system and a surprising mix of wildlife for being an urban area."

About PHKC

PHKC is a volunteer community organization that works to organize and advocate for residents of Pendleton Heights.

Our Mission

To actively promote a heightened sense of community within the geographical boundaries of Pendleton Heights.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for residents and business owners in Pendleton Heights by focusing on reduction in crime, reduction in vacant housing and storefronts, and fostering a stronger sense of community.
Pendleton Heights Kansas City 
Neighborhood Association
Phone: (816) 875-0162
Email: board@phkc.orgAddress: 2119 Lexington Ave Kansas City, MO 64124
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