You + PH = True Love

February 07, 2022 11:30 PM | Linda Fleischman (Administrator)

Dear PH Valentines,

As of February 7th, Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association members will begin receiving a discount on most all of the items available at our web store. Why? Because you are loved and you deserve it! Quite honestly, outside of our marvelous Victorian era housing stock, pretty much everything great about the PH of today could never have come about without your generosity and outside-of-the-box brilliant ideas. From the PH Community Garden, our orchard, the flowers and fairy lights in our alleys, to the inception of Art Garden Kansas City, that's all you. So thank you, wonderful you, for your continued support as a member of PHNA.

Not every resident of PH is a member of the neighborhood association, but it certainly seems as though most all of us have somehow contributed to the betterment of our enclave. Oh, yeah, we’ve seen you out there mowing your elderly neighbor’s yard in the summer. We saw you with your snow blower well beyond your own block just last week, and with no reason other than to shine some comfort your neighbor’s way. Look at you, a true example of what loving your neighbor really looks like. Thank you so much for that, and for the good no one ever caught you doing (yet). That goes for all of you, PHNA member or not.

In an ideal world we’d reserve more than one day each year to celebrate those who matter most to us, and to show them in some small way that they’re seen and loved. With that in mind, we’ll be striving throughout February at phkc.org to make it Valentine’s Month. 

Between now and February 28th our best selling t-shirt will be available for sale to all friends and neighbors at the PHNA membership price. We may even simply toss one your way because you were caught doing something really great for another neighbor. Why? Same answer as before: you are loved and you deserve it!

To report on a neighbor committing an act of benevolence: email the name of the perpetrator, a brief description of said act, the date it occurred, and any other pertinent details to Board@phkc.org

Love, PH


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