PH Honey Harvest: A Delicious Day in Our Community Orchard

August 01, 2022 5:33 PM | Linda Fleischman (Administrator)

Sunday 7/31: Pendleton Heights celebrated their first ever honey harvest with Bee KC, Howard's Farm, 50+ neighbors and of course their marvelous green spaces steward, Whitney Blaire (photos L to R, courtesy of Sarah Thompson-Lift and Megan Hamer). 

Although Bee KC had taken on the important role of overseeing harvesting duties, they also made dreams come true for the many helpful volunteers on hand. Jenn Clark fulfilled her apiarist fantasy by donning the full regalia and performing bee calming duties with the smoke pot. Children not only put on bee suits to handle the bees and screens, some also helped scrape the screens of the precious nectar & beeswax. One of the Hamer children was even granted the privilege of working the centrifuge which separates the honey from the combs, and they did a great job too!

Two neighborhood kiddos were stung by a few errant bees but they bravely soldiered through, thanks in part to loving parents smoothing away tears. The other part of that equation? The delicious treats provided by Howard's Farm, of course! Their homemade honey ice cream and honey basil lemonade made all frowns turn upside down. 

The cherry on top of the day came in the form of a most delicious surprise. Those who stayed to the end were rewarded with a jar of honey, fresh from the hive. PH honey is said to be very floral, and some have detected a subtle citrus thread running through to the finish. However one wants to describe it, all can agree that the bees of PH got it right. Their honey is just like the neighborhood they live in: multifaceted, delightfully different, and uniquely sweet.  

Love, PH xo

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