Welcoming KCU's Class of 2027

July 28, 2023 1:19 PM | Linda Fleischman (Administrator)

On Thursday July 13th, Northeast KCMO neighborhood leadership was invited to participate in Kansas City University’s Resource Fair/COM 2027. The Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association’s Sean Arkin, Whitney Blaire, Jon Cokely, and Linda Fleischman were in attendance and pleased to be a part of it.

The morning kicked off with an orientation at KCU to help incoming freshmen learn about the hidden gems they’ll discover in Historic Northeast over the next four years. To jump start the adventure, neighborhood leaders spoke with students about what makes our part of town so special. The cherry on top was the interactive treasure hunt the university had thoughtfully put together for them.

One of the most useful clues provided by the school encouraged students to locate two of PH’s much-loved neighborhood hangs, Core Coffee (546 Olive St.) and PH Coffee (2200 Lexington Ave.). With their proximity to KCU, these cafes will undoubtedly figure largely in the lives of the class of 2027. On a related note, students were provided with a list of favorite neighborhood restaurants, and Independence Plaza Council President Cynthia Herrington was pleased to observe the students’ excitement over it. Longstanding HNE residents have grown accustomed to the array of local eateries featuring dishes from around the world, but to incoming students it’s all new.

Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association President Amanda Kranz expressed delight over student interest in exploring HNE in general, and PH Green Spaces Steward Whitney Barnardo evinced a similar sentiment, saying, “Our neighborhood is filled with cool amenities, and we can’t wait to welcome all the students to join us and be a part of our amazing community!”

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