2021 PH Community Garden Bed Rental - Small

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The Small Garden Bed in the PH Community Garden measures 3'x 8', and is the perfect size for those of us who don't have time to commit to a large bed, or who are only beginning to learn of the wonders of community gardening. On that note, don't be shy. There are plenty of seasoned gardeners who'll be working alongside you, and who will be glad to help you get started! Extra good to know: if you're renting a garden bed or volunteering to help with the maintenance of our green spaces, you're automatically eligible to get a Community Garden t-shirt at half price (just $10).* Ask Green Spaces Steward Whitney B. for details. This is a rental item so if it's showing as "Out of Stock" rest assured that this only indicates that there are no more available beds for the current growing season. Word to the wise: check back early next year to get first dibs. *While supplies last!

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