Love PH Olive-Greige T-Shirt

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In the early-mid 2010s, some feisty PH neighbors started leaving love notes around PH for others to find. No matter what the message was, all were signed, "Love, Pendleton Heights." As time passed, these charming individuals got even craftier and made DIY stickers that they could slap on anything that didn't move, and of course each missive was signed as before. The manner in which we show our love for our neighbors (and future neighbors) has changed a bit, but we still tend to sign off with, "Love, PH" when we're really feelin' it. This Love PH tee is a nod to our past and a confirmation of what we continue to see as our neighborhood's true north. Love, PH Fair Trade assembled in Nicaragua, comprised of US components Fiber content: 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon

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